Designing a new SKE curriculum

I’d like to acknowledge Ben Arscott’s (2018) article in Impact, as the inspiration for the structure of this blog post, which is part of the Curriculum In Science symposium. Part one of the series is by Adam Boxer. Part two is by Ruth Walker: language of curriculum Part three is by Gethyn Jones: designing curriculum […]

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Do we know anything about the impact of subject knowledge on retention of early-career science teachers?

There is evidence that early-career science teachers are particularly vulnerable in terms of retention (Allen & Sims 2017). Evidence suggests that a number of factors affect teacher retention across all subjects but it is less clear why early-career science teachers are more at risk than teachers of most other subjects. It may simply be that […]

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Energy Teaching Resources for SKE

Developing the new @SotonEd Subject Knowledge Enhancement course has led to a renewed collation of teaching resources. The Energy unit is a distance-learning component, so trainee teachers will access these resources, with a little bit of written introduction and some instructions. They will then use the resources and complete tasks before receiving online feedback from […]

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MCQ – going all in

I think it was at ResearchEd Durrington, that Peps McCrea talked about making bets. If I remember correctly he was suggesting that, having digested both research and experience, there was a point at which you needed to make a bet, and go all in. If you don’t do this then you end up trying to […]

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Amanda Spielman @SotonEd

Last Wednesday, Amanda Spielman, HMCI, delivered the annual @SotonEd lecture. This was followed by a really interesting panel discussion with Amanda, erstwhile colleague Daniel Muijs – now seduced by the dark side – and HMI and SE Regional Director, Chris Russell. Amanda Spielman is a refreshing change from Michael Wilshaw, who seemed to think that […]

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Deliberate Practice

My son is a keen but fairly mediocre member of an U9 football team. However, he has great hand-eye co-ordination (potentially an excellent cricketer) and has posted 38s for 50m freestyle (he’s been swimming from very young, is big and strong, and seems to have a remarkable ability to listen and respond to coaching when […]

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