I’ve been part of a few Twitter discussions about bonds and energy. Several people have made insightful observations that have really pushed everyone’s thinking. It is brilliant when a bunch of science teachers get together and really wrestle with the potential conflict between accurate models in science, and how to make these conceptually difficult ideas […]

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Interleaving the Science Curriculum?

Interesting tweet from @griff2742 My main thought on this is “proceed with caution”. There is certainly evidence supporting interleaving, but I’m not at all convinced that evidence supports re-designing a science curriculum in a way that breaks up topics more than we already do. However, I do think it indicates we should build in regular […]

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Designing a new SKE curriculum

I’d like to acknowledge Ben Arscott’s (2018) article in Impact, as the inspiration for the structure of this blog post, which is part of the Curriculum In Science symposium. Part one of the series is by Adam Boxer. Part two is by Ruth Walker: language of curriculum Part three is by Gethyn Jones: designing curriculum […]

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Energy Teaching Resources for SKE

Developing the new @SotonEd Subject Knowledge Enhancement course has led to a renewed collation of teaching resources. The Energy unit is a distance-learning component, so trainee teachers will access these resources, with a little bit of written introduction and some instructions. They will then use the resources and complete tasks before receiving online feedback from […]

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Which Knowledge; Which Skills?

There has been a hefty onslaught recently against the deliberate teaching of skills by those in favour of a knowledge-based curriculum. Knowledge is essential, and it seems to me an unassailable argument that teaching only skills to the exclusion of knowledge is a mistake, but that’s not something I’ve witnessed in my career, a point […]

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Beyond 2013?

Last week the Association for Science Education (ASE) ran a New Curriculum Question Time event with a panel of moderate-to-big hitters including Brian Cartwright (Ofsted’s National Adviser for Science) and Paul Black. I wasn’t there but there are some notes on the ASE website and a little bit on Twitter. It’s not entirely clear to […]

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