Is ITT sitting comfortably?

The NCTL have just published a breakdown of Initial Teacher Training allocations for 2014-15 (at 4.44pm on Friday – someone must have been keen to get this out before home time). I’ve had a quick glance. In general, allocations for 2014-15 are higher than 2013-14. I’m guessing this reflects a national problem with recruitment to […]

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Tops and Bottoms

A fair bit of my career has been spent in sixth form colleges, and I started out in selective schools. In both cases, once the kids were in, even where there was setting, I never felt that the students were defined by their current level of performance. By contrast, I spent a few days recently […]

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Beyond 2013?

Last week the Association for Science Education (ASE) ran a New Curriculum Question Time event with a panel of moderate-to-big hitters including Brian Cartwright (Ofsted’s National Adviser for Science) and Paul Black. I wasn’t there but there are some notes on the ASE website and a little bit on Twitter. It’s not entirely clear to […]

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in some lessons…

You know what really bothers me when I read Ofsted reports. Think about just how critical a tiny number of lesson observations are to an inspection, to the extent that it’s considered legitimate to refer to parts of single lessons in justifying judgements on teaching and learning. Put this in the context of what Robert […]

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You have to start somewhere…

…and this is as good a place as any. Have a look at Tom Bennett’s presentation at Research Ed 2013 because it nicely brings together three ideas that are important to me – not intentionally on his part but then we do tend to see what we are looking for, don’t we? his anger that […]

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