A Little Meeting with Ofsted

Having been to the unmistakably impressive UCAS building in Cheltenham a few weeks ago as a member of the UCAS Teacher Training Advisory Group, I walked right past Ofsted’s London office. As an organisation, it holds such a prominent place in the English education system that you couldn’t possibly miss it, and for no very […]

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Is Ofsted helping to improve ITE?

A short time ago, I wrote a post about the Carter Review, and my thoughts on the future for Initial Teacher Education. With one casual tweet, the education blogmeister, Tom Bennett, catapulted that post into the limelight (well, maybe into the wings) and several people were kind enough to tweet a smattering of applause, which has provided […]

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Grade 2 or bust! Perverse incentives

Two things that the DfE have got right – there may be others – are two of the changes to school accountability systems. The Wolf report quite rightly identified the perverse incentives in accountability measures that led to schools pushing pupils into BTECs and other vocational qualifications. And there is no doubt that the 5 […]

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in some lessons…

You know what really bothers me when I read Ofsted reports. Think about just how critical a tiny number of lesson observations are to an inspection, to the extent that it’s considered legitimate to refer to parts of single lessons in justifying judgements on teaching and learning. Put this in the context of what Robert […]

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