Index to series on Hattie’s Visible Learning

This post is just a quick reference index to my series of posts looking at the influences on attainment described in Hattie (2009) Visible Learning: a synthesis of more than 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement. Abingdon: Routledge.

The interpretation of Hattie’s work is problematical because the meaning of the different influences on achievement isn’t always clear. Further context here. There are also some significant issues with Hattie’s methodology but despite these shortcomings, Visible Learning remains as the boldest attempt to draw together all areas of education research.

The list below shows my posts in the order they appear in Visible Learning. I have only looked at some influences, skipping those that I thought to be self-explanatory, outside the influence of teachers, or inconsequential.


Piagetian programs (d=1.28)

Self-reported grades (d=1.44)

Concentration, persistence, and engagement (d=0.48)

Diet (d=0.12)


The intention is to have the index presented in two forms:

The second will be taken directly from the list of influences in rank order of effect size in Appendix B of Visible Learning pp.297-300 (but I haven’t copied that out yet – waiting for an evening when my brain is too fried for anything less mechanical!)

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